Monday, March 7, 2011

A little bit about myself...

So... I'm an 18 year-old (soon to be 19) poet, MC, filmmaker, comedian, but most importantly human, who owns 1 bow tie. Yes, just 1. I dance as if I know how to, and am straight up white boy awesome. I treat Facebook like crack, and can be found anywhere where there's a conversation or chocolate. All in all, I'm just a happy fucking guy looking to create something special with this crew that we can share with the world. For more, just stalk me. Let the journey begin!

Oh, and speaking of's a little something to get y'all started for the day:

That Everyday Crack
Sudoku is that intellectually stimulating crack.
Nutella is that condiment section crack.
Tumblr is that socially insecure procrastination targeted crack.
Facebook is that normal people crack.
Jennifer Coolidge heads up that cougar crack team.
Pineapple is that fruit crack.
IPhone’s are that dependent crack.
Brooks Brothers is that pretentious Southerner crack.
TFM is that delusional frat star crack.
Whey Protein is that meathead crack.
Meat is also that meathead crack.
Skinny jeans are that hipster crack.
Peanut Butter Snickers is that sweet tooth crack.
Claude Brown is that Harlem upbringing crack.
Odwalla is that rich juice crack.
Rolling backpacks are that lazy kid crack.
Jew-fro’s are that 7th grade baller crack.
Everything is that everything crack.


  1. Crack Kills but Zev's Ill and still
    Zev's posts are that blogspot crack!

  2. Im on that Zev Crack!!!!! LOL!!! Great Post my man!!!