Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD of a Jewel: Make Way for What Lies Ahead

Shout out to one of the hardest working dudes in the world of netlabels, Mike Gregorie.  From consistently giving artist around the globe a platform to share their music, to being an staunch advocate for the creative possibilities of collaboration, to being a beast on the boards himself, Gregorie and blocSonic have become a destination in our eyes for great "music" in this sea of "sounds".

This latest compilation MAKE WAY FOR WHAT LIES AHEAD is quite eclectic with sounds ranging from Hip-Hop to 8 bit Progressive.  There are some jewels that you'll be bumping over and over whether I highlighted them here or not.  Just Plain Ant delivers his other-worldly soulful rhythms as usual.  Every Single Word You've Ever Said Featuring James Ingram will certainly not disappoint.  At the 15 second mark when you hear the drum line come in you'll know just like I did that the track Moon and Sun - Where the Wild Things are is a BANGER that will need to be played 3 times back to back back. 

There are plenty of surprises that I won't give away, but be sure to DOWNLOAD THIS JEWEL NOW in your choice of FLAC, mp3, OGG.  Tell them their friends at Vision Music sent you.

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