Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BACK IN THE DAYS...Powerhouse Anniversary Release of Jamel Shabazz Classic

So if you don't know about Powerhouse Books...get put on.  They are the standard for the type of books that make you instantly cool in the eyes of the person who walks in your space and sees one on your coffee table.  Anyway they are releasing the 10 year anniversary edition of BACK IN THE DAYS, the cultural go-back-and-see-where-the-cats-who-you-think-are-dope-now-actually-got-their-style-from manual by Jamel Shabazz.  Between Shabazz and Boogie's homegirl Martha Cooper, they have the quintessential collection of photography documenting the movement that the world affectionately and now anecdotal(ly) calls hip-hop.

Music and fashion have always gone hand and hand.  The crew acknowledges this and does what we can to both stay unique ie dope boy fresh and support things that we think are fashion forward and that represent our style and principles...more about that tomorrow.  For now, enjoy the trip BACK in the DAYS.  Pre-Order your copy today and go BACK to the FUTURE.

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