Wednesday, June 1, 2011

netbloc Vol 33: You Can Get With This

You dang right, we can get with this!  blocSonic released its latest netblock this week (Vol. 33 titled - You Can Get With This) and it included a track by none other than Vision Music's very own Joshua Watkins.

From his latest genre defying, experimental album I HOPE YOU LOVE ME, this blocSonic release added Race Relations to its line up with some other great new sounds from some other great artists and net labels.

In addition to Joshua's lyrical story telling abilities highlighted in Race Relations several other highs in this compilation were track 3 by Frenic.  This refreshing ode to Hip-Hop makes me imagine a chase scene in a dope indie movie with the protagonist running through the running to be exact...jumping in and out of windows and knocking over fruit stands like Jackie Chan.  It is followed by a track by Suhov that pays tribute to the eternal King of Pop.  Track 7 by Adam & Alma is an airy Indie Pop sound that makes you feel like you are floating...leaving your heart on a journey to join another.

Shout out to Mike Gregoire for putting together another great compilation and for giving all of these artist a platform for their art to be appreciated.

Download album, album art, and 59 page PDF booklet HERE

Spread the Word...I know YOU CAN GET WITH THIS!

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