Monday, April 25, 2011

Hip Hop Dance Crew. Capoeira. Modify Watches. Vision Music.

PerssuASIAN Dance Crew -an all female dance crew at Emory University, Capoeira Maculele, and several other cool cats teamed up with the VISION NETWORK (Vision Photography, Vision Philms, AND Vision Music) to shoot the music video for MODIFIED UP...the anthem produced by Bobby James and written by Joshua Watkins to show their appreciation for the "Fashionably Dope" Modify Watches.

All I can say is...BANANAS. Just wait.

Shout out to Davion, Eka, Zev, Joshua, Bobby James, Lisa and the whole PersuASIAN Crew, Radio, Sukita, AsterĂ³ide, Gordinho...who are all now OFFICIALLY Modified Up!

Video and Photography by Carlton Mackey.  MODIFIED Up Executive Produced by Carlton Mackey.  DOWNLOAD FREE

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