Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jazz, Poetry, Vintage Music - Saying Goodbye to the 20s

So when Kari turned 30, I told her that as good as they were to her, she had to finally "Say Goodbye to the Twenties"...and I helped her do it in style.  That was 4 years ago.  Yesterday on her birthday, we went back down memory lane to the sights, the sounds, the smells of yesteryear...when we got together with our RAGTIME crew of artists and bootlegger friends and relived yester-decade.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer's first sound cartoon meets VISION Philms to Present: 
Flip the Frog
-The 1930 classic cartoon "Fiddlesticks" remixed by Carlton Mackey.  
The original cartoon is chopped up, edited, and spliced together with music from Count Basie (Lester Leaps In) and My True Vision Photography
Enjoy the remix below then check out the Original Cartoon.

i'm writing to what I hear
and what I hear is a sound that
takes me back to a place i've never been
but always wanted to go
a place where the room
is filled with smoke
and everybody knows
that you just stepped in.
gin and rum
whiskey and bootleg brew
Ragtime Willie
and Betsy Blue
what no one else can
make this place rock to the point you can't stand
without spilling the little bit
of what is left in your flask...

now that's what i call jazz.
-carlton mackey

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